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Our Mission

About Us

To advance Veteran careers in life after the uniform, and to produce high-quality creative content in tandem with our Community Neighbor™.

Our Vision

To realize a world where Veterans and non-Veterans understand each other better, value each other more, and overcome outdated stereotypes to bring out the best in each other.

"Entertainment is the connection we all share. It disarms stereotypes, breaks down walls, and is the best ice breaker to educate and start a conversation. The U.S.Veteran has been an icon in culture innovation for over 100 years, and we are honored to carry that legacy on, now and beyond." - Cowboy Jax

The Team

Jax Young .jpg
"Cowboy" Jax Young

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Jax is a U.S. Veteran with decades of experience in the entertainment industry, both in front of the camera and behind it: a singer/songwriter, film & TV actor, model, and dance instructor/choreographer. As an Executive Producer and Creative Director, he has worked in association with brands such as Discovery Channel, SEMA Auto Show, and Orange County Choppers.


He is the founder and visionary behind N.VUE Productions and Save Home Front.

David Reed.jpg
David Reed

Chief Financial Officer


David is a Community Neighbor™ who has spent more than 3 decades in the world of finance. A former controller and financial analyst in the private sector, he now provides personal and business tax preparation, payroll services, IRS representation, business valuation, bookkeeping, and Start-up consultation for businesses large and small.


He is the founder & president of The Reed Group.

Marcus Bovee.jpg
Marcus Bovee

Chief Knowledge Officer


Marcus is a veteran of both the U.S. Army and Hollywood. He has worked for major studios 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures, overseeing the distribution of more than 435 major motion pictures – including Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, Scent of A Woman, FIght Club, Schindler's List, The Fast & The Furious – that have combined to gross over $20 billion.


He is a member of the G.I. Film Festival executive board, the Founder of Vetflix and Impact Releasing, and the Director of Theatrical Sales at Deepwater Productions,

Shane Almgren.jpg
Shane Almgren

Chief Creative Officer


Shane, is a Community Neighbor™ who has been dubbed a "creative Swiss-army knife." He is an award-winning graphic designer, best-selling author, professional pianist, ASCAP songwriter, music producer, and a film, TV and voice over actor with nearly 25 years in the entertainment industry.


He is the Founder/Operator of Shane Almgren MultiMedia & Entertainment where he's developed creative content for more than 800 clients including PBS Television, Harvard Business School, and the U.S. Department of Justice.


Chief Morale Officer


Memphis Makenzie Gunnar Thor Almgren is a master storyteller with delusions of grandeur. According to his 27-page resumé/autobiography (which he "conveniently" ate), he is a direct descendant of Lassie, Rin Tin TIn, Flipper, and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. He has performed as a white tiger and white lion (simultaneously) for Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas, and is undefeated in 43 straight matches against grizzly bears at an underground kumite in Hong Kong (that reporters and photographers were prohibited from attending for some reason). He currently holds the world record for most consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, Miss Universe crowns, PEOPLE'S Most Beautiful covers, Time's Person Of The Year awards, and has either won or finished in the Top 3 of every season of American Idol since its debut.

Though he may no longer be here in the flesh, he is forever with us in spirit.

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