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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SAVE Home Front and how is it related to this website?
    SAVE Home Front was our DBA (Doing Business As) from our creation in 2016 until our rebrand as N.VUE Productions in 2023. They are one in the same.
  • What is a Community Neighbor?
    A Community Neighbor™ is any person who has no military service background who has an interest in creating a connection between themselves and the U.S. Veteran, either professionally or culturally.
  • What is a Veteran?
    A veteran is any person who previously served in the [active duty] military. *Note: A veteran does not have to have deployed to a combat theater. Those individuals are referred to as combat veterans.
  • What is the difference between a Veteran and Community Neighbor™?
    A Veteran has prior military service experience while the Community Neighbor™ does not.
  • What is the difference between a Military Service Member and Veteran?
    A military service member is actively serving in the military, while a veteran is someone who previously served in the military.
  • Is N.VUE Productions a charity?
    We have been officially recognized as a 501-(c)(3) public charity since 2016. Our production services are subject to a per-project circumstance (consult your accountant) regarding tax deductible incentives. Our I.ACT program services and donations are specifically tax deductible.
  • What does N.VUE do?
    We produce creative content with a focus on U.S. Veteran hires. We use funding from those productions to power our I.ACT program, which is centered on getting the U.S. Veteran prepared for their next career opportunities.
  • What does N.VUE stand for?
    Neighbor & Veteran United Entertainment It's through the interactive connection between these cultures that we can create career opportunities in our storytelling from script to screen and stage.
  • What does I.ACT stand for?
    Interview, Application, and Credential Training The program is centered on helping the U.S. Veteran be successful in their next career opportunities in association with their Community Neighbor™.
  • I'm a veteran but don't have a product/project to pitch/brand. How can I still be involved?
    The use of your skill set from your profession might be a good fit as a volunteer: for help with our programs, fundraising, and marketing these types of skill sets as examples but not limited to just these. Email us Attn: Veteran Volunteer and give us a brief description of your profession and time per month you'd be willing to volunteer.
  • I'm a veteran with a product/project to pitch/brand. What are the steps to get started working with you?
    Email us (Attn: U.S. Veteran Project). Give us a one-sheet on your project including key points such as Title, Logline, Synopsis, Length, Timeline, and Budget – anything you can concisely explain. Be specific in how you would like to partner, it will help us to make a decision. We'll review and be in touch.
  • I'm not a veteran, but I have a product/project to pitch/brand and would like to use veterans.
    Great! Email us (Attn: Hire Veterans). Include in a couple paragraphs the basics of your project (ex. timeline, budget, description). Any brief or specific details we can review will be very helpful. We'll be in touch.
  • I'm a veteran and would like to go through the I.ACT program. How do I sign up, and when are the dates?
    I.ACT is currently seeking funding to go into operations, so dates are TBA. As a U.S. Veteran, get on the list for sign up by email, (Attn: I.ACT Enrollment). Please Include your date leaving service and your specific interest in enrolling. We'll be in touch.
  • What do you want people to volunteer for?
    We have an ongoing need for professional skill sets in: Social Media Management Legal Marketing Public Relations Venue Owners Editing (film/TV, copy) Photographers Event volunteers Email us (Attn: Volunteer) with your professional skill set and time per month you'd like to donate.
  • Do you hold events where I could volunteer?
    Yes! We will be holding virtual and in-person events coming 2024. Email us (Attn: Join list)
  • What are the requirements and steps to becoming a volunteer?
    First, Email us (Attn: Volunteer). Secondly, we'll screen you (you may have to pass a background check for some volunteer positions, depending on the event) as some of our productions are high profile. Third, we'll offer you opportunities where we think you'll be the best fit.
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